Good to know:

What is domain?
Domain is the unique address of your web site. This is the name which you write at the browser in order to open a web site. The prices for registration depends on the type of the domain, which you want to register (.com, .net, .org etc.).

What is hosting?
Hosting is the place, where the files of the web site are. Usually this is a server with direct access to internet, which works 24/7. The good hosting providers offer daily backup and restore the information if needed. The price depends on the available disk space, monthly bandwidth, supported languages, e-mail boxes and other parameters.

What is a static web site?
Static web site is one with static (unchangeable) content. The static web site may content animations or other movable elements, i.e. it can be dynamic as vision, but it must be static as information. These web sites are cheaper to create. We recommend those web sites to clients, who won’t change often the published information. We update the content after the client give us the materials and pay some fee.

What is a dynamic web site?
Dynamic web site is one which may have changeable amount of pages with changeable information. The dynamic web site has an administrative panel (content management system – CMS), through which the client can update the content of the web site. These web sites are at higher price and are recommended for customers who will regularly update their information.

How much costs a web site?
The price of a web site depends on its complexity and gets fixed after discussion with the customer and according he’s needs. The fees for domain and hosting are annual, and the price for development of the web site is one time only. As an addition you can order support of the web site, where the information and the pictures will be regularly updated. The price for the support of the web site is additionally negotiable and depends on the complexity of the web site and on the amount of information to be updated.

How will my web site looks?
The design and the functionality of the site depends on the customer requirements . We will confirm to your brand colors, logo and vision. We will create a design (usually more then one), then we will talk again and then we choose one of the designs or a combination of some of them or we will agree to create new one.